The ability to give shape to style

Every garment and every fashion accessory is born from an artist’s creative and is brought to life by his hands. Our mission is to feed this talent...

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A HUB for your fashion accessories

Seventy years of experience in the fashion world have taught us that, without teamwork, not even revolutionary ideas can come to life...

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Fashion is a question of details

The fashion industry is a continuously rough sea where delivery times, flexibility and sustainability can make the difference. Our core business...

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From our hands to the global market

A cultural innovation before a commercial one, which we have translated into a unique and sustainable business model on a global scale...

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Our commitment for the planet

In a world with over 7 billion people, a green approach is not a fashion choice, but a vital necessity...

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BONADIMAN - From Lungadige Rubele to Hong Kong

From Lungadige Rubele to Hong Kong

“The purpose of a true traveller is not the destination, but the journey. A journey we started in 1951 with a small shop in Verona, driven by the curiosity and recklessness of walking into a

world without borders such as that of fashion. If I look back, I still see my father on his bicycle, riding from one dressmaker to the next to deliver scissors, thread and buttons. 

In the large fashion capitals, with the care of days gone by

Now that bicycle has become an aeroplane and dressmakers have become companies, but the desire to travel, discuss and compare experiences has remained the same, in the big fashion capitals as in the narrow artisanal alleyways of our city.”

Sandro Bonadiman

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