The Workshop

The care of days gone by

At Bonadiman, we maintain the idea of an artisan workshop to remain close to our origins, to give value to the collaboration between people and to provide a prompt and efficient service for all kinds of zippers. To keep up with the hectic rhythms of fashion, we can shorten and adapt all zippers to the various sizes or depending on the different needs, restyle old closures, assemble pullers and customise sliders.

In a global world with the philosophy of an artisan workshop

Our workshop uses zippers already in stock, which we modify according to the different needs to recover and reuse the materials for an increased sustainability and reduced times and costs. Thanks to the expert skills of our technicians and dedicated machinery, we can perform all kinds of jobs with perfect and punctual results. Contact us for more info, or come and meet our staff in person.

A workshop thought to solve problems

  • Zipper shortening service
  • Puller application
  • Reuse, replacement and recycling of components (tapes, sliders, stoppers)
  • Transformation of zippers from divisible to fixed
  • Manufacturing of continuous zipper chains (fixed and divisible)