The ability to make a difference

“The detail is as important as the essential is. When it is inadequate, it destroys the whole outfit.” (Christian Dior)

The fashion industry is a continually rough sea where delivery times, flexibility and sustainability can make the difference between success and oblivion. Our core business is being a reliable partner for all businesses and companies.

A team of professionals capable of doing and listening,

looking for design consulting, samples, supplies, stock service and distribution of high fashion accessories. Those who distinguish what is fashionable from plain clothing know very well that details are what makes the difference, and that making the difference is definitely not a detail.

Made to measure services for the growth of your brand

If you want to launch or strengthen your brand with a sturdy and dynamic partnership, Bonadiman puts its experience at your disposal for:

  • Stock service (tapes, zippers, yarn, elastics, linings and accessories)
  • Zipper shortening and puller assembly
  • Research and development
  • Product consulting
  • Fashion accessory prototyping
  • Sampling service
  • Industrialisation process