The new frontiers of fashion industry

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” (Coco Chanel)

In a competitive world such as that of high fashion, the new frontier is the decentralisation of logistics, aimed at focusing all the energies of the brand on creative direction and brand control/. Bonadiman is a global accessory and fashion detail brand capable of managing the logistics of the big brands

A global and sustainable business model

that is transparent, dynamic and scalable, from large international productions to the single exclusive garment. It is a cultural innovation before being a commercial one, which we have translated into unique and sustainable business models on the catwalks in Milan, Paris and New York as well as on the Asian markets.

Tools and strategies for the future of your brand

If you too believe that the decentralisation of logistics is the future of fashion, Bonadiman is at your disposal to meet your needs in the world of accessories:

  • Launch of seasonal orders on indication of the brand
  • Management of purchases and scale economies
  • Warehouse service
  • Logistics with distribution
  • Brand control in Italy and abroad
  • Support and assistance to purchasing departments