The spark of the artist

“Art, creation, is the manifestation of the divine in man. The search for purity.” (Yves Saint Laurent)

Every garment and every fashion accessory is born from an artist’s creative and is brought to life by his hands. Our mission is to feed this talent to free the creativity of all tailors and fashion designers with unique and guaranteed materials and tools.

The magic of creation in the hands of a tailor

Choosing Bonadiman means entrusting real fashion accessory professionals who work every day to plan the style of tomorrow, in full synergy with artisan workshops, haberdasher's, fashion schools and haute couture.

Everything you need to free your creativity

In the Bonadiman store, you can find everything you need for your creations:

  • Various yarns
  • Hand-sewing and sewing-machine needles
  • Pins, safety pins, pincushions and thimbles
  • Kai scissors of all sizes and rotary cutters
  • Fabric chalks, pencils and markers
  • Tailor’s tape measures, L-squares, rulers and glues
  • Zippers (nylon coil, invisible, metal, die-cast plastic)
  • Buttons and hooks (hole, automatic, poppers)
  • Tapes and hems (satin, grosgrain, cotton, polyester, viscose, lycra, velcro)
  • Elastics (crochet, loom)
  • Pattern paper
  • Vast assortment of tailoring items