About us

Your R&D department

Seventy years of experience in the fashion world have taught us that, without teamwork, not even revolutionary ideas can come to life. This is why you can think of Bonadiman as your research and development team

People who understand and share your desires

a co-working environment thought up to transform your ideas and style into original accessories. Our experience, our stock and our resources are at your disposal: if you really have something to say when it comes to fashion, get in touch.

Your global HUB

The fashion industry is an intricate labyrinth of different relations, markets and economies where even the purchasing departments of the best names can get lost. Bonadiman is a HUB that centralises exchanges along the entire chain.

A single point of reference for all your requests

by simplifying market reading and providing clients with a single contact person for purchases and logistics, from Milan to Hong Kong. A highly-flexible and sustainable partnership model, from sketching to the boutique.

A different idea

Our idea of a Fashion Details HUB is that of a highly collaborative environment where design, dressmaking, purchasing and logistics have to be tailored to the client’s needs. For this reason, our calling card is flexibility,

A more elastic mentality for your projects

i.e. the ability to provide scalable and sustainable solutions for start-ups, the designers and industries with whom we work on a global level sharing objectives, financing initiatives and safeguarding various brands on foreign markets.